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The Gloved One & Global Gloom

Did MJ witness to a world beyond healing?

September 30, 2010

When Michael Joseph Jackson graced the planet with his presence, he wanted to Heal the World. (1992) As he preached peace on an unprecedented scale, ominous clouds of dark forces shadowed the land. The outlook was gloomy. Take terrorism for example. "From 1989 to 2001," says one source, "the nature and pace of terror changed. Previously, the enemy was known, stable, and familiar. Today the enemy is evasive, strange, and incomprehensible."

"Mutated Terrorism": As per the experts, "terrorism [has] mutated and moved outside the domain within which it used to be analyzed." How does yesterday's terrorist group differ from today's? "Today," the source says, "the real menace is posed by hybrid groups that are opportunistic and capable of rapid transformation." So, what can we expect?

"For the foreseeable future," it continues, "warfare will have a criminal dimension, a terrorist dimension, or both. Civilians--cities, corporations, the population at large--will be increasingly affected." But, criminal organizations are motivated by greed, fame, fortune, prestige; whereas terrorist groups are ideological, having political or religious motivations. Some "terrorists" want to right the wrongs of society by correcting inequities. Shall the twain ever meet?

There already exists "(1) failed states that have become temporarily or permanently anarchic (Afghanistan, Albania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc.) and (2) vast anarchic urban sprawls [discussed below] in the developing world (Karachi, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, etc.) ... Karachi and Rio de Janeiro are striking examples of urban sprawls as terrorist or criminal strongholds."

"Considerable exchanges between criminal and terrorist groups are currently reported." The results are "protocriminal," "nomadic, deterritorialized, transnational" "mutant guerrilla groups"; or simply, "patriot thugs" who "are contemptuous of international law, particularly humanitarian law." Indeed, some nation-states have imploded into "ungovernable chaotic entities." But, "From November 1989 to September 2001, the developed world live in relative peace."

The Game Has Changed: Since the start of the twenty-first century "previously clear distinctions--between attack and defense, the state and civil society, the public and private sectors, civilians and the military, war and peace, police and army, legality and illegality--are being blurred. New forms of confrontation have emerged, in which the determining factor is no longer nation or ideology but race, tribe, greed, or religious fanaticism." What about the "rules of engagement"?

"In Gaza and Baghdad...the current governments of both armies have suspended de facto the Geneva Conventions (regarding treatment of prisoners and suspects, long-term internment without trial, destruction of civilian targets, etc.)." Some weapons used against terrorist were so atrocious scientists concluded these were "repugnant to the conscience of mankind."

Super Soldiers to the Rescue?: What about the ultra-modern "Super Soldiers" from the West? Well, in "Gaza and Baghdad, crack troops are in the field, equipped with the latest technology and equipment," yet these places "have proved a fatal trap--physically and morally--for the occupying forces; and [these] armies are facing the need for withdrawal in the future, with no decisive or permanent gains."

"Mega Urban Sprawl": A "mega urban sprawl" [mentioned above] is defined as "an immense, chaotic agglomeration of apartment blocks and projects, escalators, markets, malls, highways, airports, severe population, shantytowns, rampant crime--and terrorism." Examples? Experts from various governments cite ‘the Gaza Strip, Bagdad and Bassora in Iraq, Karachi, and Rio de Janeiro, among others.'  

"Violence and conflicts ravaging the mega urban sprawls and shantytowns concern not only these places but the entire world, first and foremost the developed world." [Emphasis added.] You might think such a mega urban sprawl couldn't happen here. Well, it already has: Hurricane Katrina.

Terror specialists say that regarding that peaceful period from "November 1989 to September 2001," "The West tended to see this tranquility [this false sense of security] as an acquired and permanent situation and took little interest in global disorder, but the period was actually an interlude preceding a chaotic phase of world history."

Conclusion: Corrupt governments breed "terrorists." "When injustice rules, everyone groans." (Pr 29:2, CEV) But the masses, too, can be evil. "The wicked are a restless sea tossing up mud. But I, the LORD, have promised that none who are evil will live in peace." (Is 57:20, 21) Michael Jackson tried to "heal" both sides. Critics of his vision were perhaps well meaning but nonetheless shortsighted. The Gloved One manipulated his gargantuan sphere of influence to work "what is good toward all." (Ga 6:10, NWT) Adoring millions say his efforts were not in vain. Peace and blessings to all. Amen.