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The King's Kids & College

Will MJ's children seek higher education?

September 16, 2010

The children of the late Michael Joseph Jackson received a unique education from a man who was both an autodidact and polymath. And when you're in the presence of his daughter Paris in particular, you cannot help but notice that she has wisdom and instincts beyond her tender years. From his study of the Bible Michael realized the value of a higher education--for those who could attain it--in serving God.

Moses: Pharaoh's daughter adopted Moses when he was just three months old, raising him in the royal household. As was customary among the Pharaohs, Moses had both academic and athletic prowess. Bible writer Luke, educated in multiple disciplines, quoted Stephan (himself an academician, and the first Christian martyr on record) as declaring:

"Moses was educated in the best schools in Egypt. He was equally impressive as a thinker and an athlete." (Ac 7:22, The Message) African-educated Moses wrote the Torah (or Pentateuch)--the first five books of the Bible--which is the largest portion of the Hebrew Bible and serves as it basis. Though by far the meekest man in the world (Nu 12:3), his prestigious educational background qualified him for the monumental task.  

Solomon: The newly installed King Solomon requested and was granted godly wisdom in judging God's people. (1 Ki 3:4-14) Aside from divinely intrinsic wisdom Solomon was a scholar extraordinaire, surpassing the wisdom of academicians from the Orient, and even Africa. "Solomon was brilliant," says the Bible. "God had blessed him with insight and understanding. He was wiser than anyone else in the world, including the wisest people of the east ["Orientals," New World Translation] and of Egypt."--1 Ki 4:30, 31, Contemporary English Version.

Sagacious Solomon took on the role of a university professor; one qualified to teach several disciplines: "He taught about many kinds of plants," says the Biblical text, "everything from the great cedar trees of Lebanon to the weeds that grow out of the walls. He also taught about animals, birds, crawling things, and fish."--1 Ki 4:33, New Century Version.

Ezra: Of Ezra the publication Insight on the Scriptures states that he was "a scholar, an expert copyist and teacher of the Law, skilled in both Hebrew and Aramaic." It then adds that, indeed, "he was well educated," using his skills and education to God's glory. (Ezr 7:1-6, 10) "Moreover," notes Insight, "Ezra was an outstanding researcher, citing about 20 sources of information in the two books of Chronicles" that he's also credited with having written. Understanding the value of skill and education in the carrying out of God's will, Ezra enlisted the aid of "instructors," or, "intelligent (understanding) men," and was even blessed with Sherebiah, "a man or discretion."--Ezr 8:16-18; Neh 8:5-8, NWT.

Paul: "I was brought up and educated here in Jerusalem under Gamaliel," said the apostle Paul. "As his student, I was carefully trained in our Jewish laws and customs." (Ac 22:3, New Living Translation) Effectively, Paul was a highly trained lawyer. The Watchtower, July 15, 1996, states: "Paul had been trained and educated by one of the greatest rabbinic teachers of the first century C.E. No doubt the apostle's reference to Gamaliel caused the crowd in Jerusalem to pay special attention to his speech."

As was the case with Moses, being as he was--highly educated--God used the apostle Paul to write more of the Christian Greek Scriptures than any other New Testament writer. Interestingly, Paul doubtlessly felt a kinship with the Christian man named Zenas, who he referred to as "the lawyer."--Titus 3:13, NWT ftn.

Luke: This traveling companion of Paul was a medical doctor, researcher, and historian. (Co 4:14; Lu 1:1-4; Ac 1:1-3) Insight notes that "Luke was well educated." As the writer of the Gospel of Luke and Acts of Apostles, Dr. Luke wrote more of the Christian Greek Scriptures than any other New Testament writer save Paul. So Moses, Paul, and Luke, the three men credited with writing more of the Bible than anyone else, were all highly educated men.

While this brief list doesn't reflect the full spectrum of God's educated servants, it does underscore the fact that he used them extensively. Jehovah's Witnesses' world headquarters, a place Michael loved, puts to good use educated men and women, and have even put a few through trade school, college--even law school. Whether MJ's kids attend college remains to be seen. To be sure, a Bible education is best. Peace and blessings to all. Amen.