SENTINEL 12-23-2010
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Michael Jackson vs. Real Pedophiles

Humiliation of the Haitian Nation

December 23, 2010

Evil forces arrayed against Michael Joseph Jackson conspired to cut his heart out by merely accusing him of child molestation. It worked. Michael--sensitive, angelic man that he was--was never the same, even after being found innocent of all charges against him. "Before I would hurt a child, I would slit my wrists," said the King of Pop. "I would never hurt a child." But there are those who would, and who have.  

Priests, UN Peacekeepers, and charity aid workers have systematically raped, molested, and otherwise abused defenseless children around the world. Take the little-known case of 40-year-old Douglas Perlitz, Docket No. 3:09CR207 (JBA). The horrific acts he committed for years against defenseless, homeless little boys in Haiti got him a nearly 20-year-sentence in federal prison this past Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

Haitian Humiliation: Perlitz faced 10 charges: "seven counts of traveling outside the United States for the purpose of engaging in sex with minors and three counts of engaging in sexual conduct in foreign places with minors." Stamford lawyer Ezili Dantó, head of the Haitian Legal Leadership Network (HLLN) and former attorney for ex-Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, states that "Mr. Perlitz was so remorseless, so merciless, so arrogant in his abuse that he actually continued to be with the victims by having them be brought to him in the neighboring Dominican Republic, after a warrant for his arrest was issued in Haiti and he couldn't risk getting caught in Haiti. Court documents also show evidence of odious and vindictive behavior such as victim bribery, threats, cover-up and witness tampering on Mr. Perlitz's part."

Also on the prosecution team was Joseph M. Champagne, Mayor of Toms River, NY, a lawyer with the HLLN in Stamford, CT. The prosecution team maintained: "Given the evidence in this case, the more plausible explanation is that Perlitz is a sexual predator who traveled to Haiti because that is where some of world's most defenseless children reside; that his relationship with the religious leader provided him with ... connections ... (to) run his own charity where he could control and access children; that the protection Perlitz received from the religious leader and the money that he received in Haiti decreased the likelihood of discovery ... and that Perlitz's position in a community that regarded him as the ‘face of Christ on Earth' would ensure continued donations and supports of the school."

No Color Lines: In Haiti, "the issue of the Catholic's church, other religious orders and charity workers' sexually abusing Haitian children has barely been exposed. But it has gone on, with impunity, for centuries,' states Dantó. She continues: "In 60 years Catholic priests systematically raped 36,000 Irish children--if this level of sexual abuse is possible in Catholic Ireland, imagine what Catholic priests have been doing in Haiti and Africa for centuries."

She also claims that, "According to just this one small look at things in the US, more than 500 people have filed claims accusing Jesuits of sexually abusing children across the Northwest (United States)...Among them were claims by 110 Alaska Natives."

Haitian Desperation: Imported cholera is killing thousands; $1.4 billion have been fraudulently collected by prominent charitable organizations and is not reaching those affected; 1.7 million Haitians are still homeless and many are still dying from drinking unclean water nearly a year after the January earthquake. Many are distressed, too, over what they're characterizing as the November 28 "unfair elections without an electorate." Disenfranchised Haitians see themselves as being under "UN occupation" with no legitimate government of their own.

Regarding cholera being imported, Dantó adds that "The CDC has confirmed this. There is no doubt that UN Nepalese fecal matter has been improperly disposed and dumped into Haiti's rivers and waterways."

Heal the World: Interestingly, although Jesus likely did not have blonde hair and blue eyes (as does Perlitz), Mr. Perlitz has been characterized as the ‘face of Christ on earth.' Contrariwise, Michael Jackson's unhypocritical Christ-like acts are legendary. 

Finally, on January 3, 2004, nearly seven years ago, while being interviewed by Andrea Koppel on CNN I said the following: "Michael has stated repeatedly that he slept on the floor. Even with his interview with 60 Minutes he compared child molesters to a serial killing murderous person known as Jack the Ripper. So what he did is reaffirm his hatred and his disdain for child molesters, which he is not." Stay tuned for more information on the humiliation in Haiti.