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Miners Meditate on Michael's Magazine

While in darkness Chile's miners saw the light!

October 21, 2010

Wonderful news surfaced from the bowels of a mine far beneath Chilean soil that earth gave birth to new life for 33 brave brothers of our troubled humanity. Gracias a Jehová. These miners employed different regimens in an effort to stay alive.

But there are still some rather intriguing questions that have yet to be answered. For example, Which one of these regimens was perhaps the most helpful to miners? Did an international magazine that Michael Joseph Jackson loved enter the picture? And how are Michael's and a miner's mothers in the mix?

Letter from the Underworld?: Though there are different versions as to the level of hope--and what exactly sustained miners' hope--the following letter, neatly printed on company graph paper reportedly by trapped miner Edison Pena on August 30, 2010, addressed to Watchtower leaders to be given to his mother, reads:

"Gentlemen: In what way and with what words can I thank you for the nice gesture to pray for me. How can I thank you for the greatness of your hearts and your intentions, because I know and see what you do with great sacrifice for others; I know it because my mother María Villarroel Casanova is one of you, for many years.

"This gesture only gives lights that you are going for the right way, and towards God; and we all who are lost in the world need your words and your deep commitment to the community to show people with Bible studies, going from house to house, walking as hardworking as I see you, in a selfless work so motivated keep you all. Withstanding the slamming doors of the people who do not want to receive you, withstanding people who just want to argue with you.

"Forever thank you for your prayers that have helped us a lot! I just ask from the depths in which I am, that this little letter of thanks, reaches your highest authorities. ...From the first days of confinement until now, we pray every day. There was no Bible down here. But one of those days, before they found us, a partner found in his bag two magazines, and guess what, they were two Awake magazines from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I think that we all read both of them, we took turns, it was as a way to find peace somehow. That was all we had....This really happened, I swear!"

Worldwide Witness: Though there are only about 7.5 million Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide, nearly 40 million single edition copies of The Watchtower in 180 languages are printed monthly, and over 38 million copies of Awake! are printed in 84 languages.

The Witness website boasts 407 languages, with an additional 49 sign languages. Michael told me his mother, Katherine Jackson, taught him to love these magazines, as they fulfilled prophecy.

Prophecy Fulfilled: "People will hear of troubling domestic wars close to home, and international wars far away. See to it that you're not terrified. These things are a prelude to the end, but don't constitute the end itself. There's more to it than this.

"One ethnic group will be stirred up against another; and one government will be roused against another. There'll be worldwide food shortages and earthquakes everywhere. All these things jump start very distressful times.

"People will cause you all kinds of trouble and will even kill you. And because you're my followers, you'll be targeted by haters from all ethnic groups. Then, also, many will become disillusioned and sorely disappointed. As a result, they'll resort to betraying one another and hating each other.

"While individuals are searching for answers, many false prophets will arise and allure countless people with their deception.  And because of increasing criminal activity the world over, natural love that most people have had for their fellowman will dissipate and turn to distrust. But he that has endured until God's government annihilates global systemic wickedness will be saved.

"This good news about God's government will be preached earth wide, as a testimony to all ethnic groups, and then the worldwide system of things in its present form will end."--Matt 24:6-14, Carr's Christian Bible.

Conclusion: Whether Pena's letter is authentic or not, his fellow trapped miner, Samuel Avalos, 43, is one of Jehovah's Witnesses. He felt as the psalmist did: "If I climb to the sky, you're there! If I go underground, you're there!" (Ps 139:8, Message Bible) Peace and blessings to all. Amen.