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Book Description

This intriguing Gospel of Matthew--arguably the most pivotal book of the Bible, and the first book of the Christian Pentateuch--is uniquely translated into easy-to-read English. It also relates Jesus' words to such fields as law, medicine, science, technology, oceanography, microbiology, cryonics, and even cloud computing, to name a few.


A critical analysis of these and other disciplines is made in numerous and comprehensive footnotes in connection with the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin of the text under consideration.  It is sure to resonate with the reader. The serious researcher will find cross-references and other technical features quite useful. In short, this is not your father's Matthew!


There are a total of 28 chapters in the Gospel of Matthew. The first four are listed below as they appear in the table of contents to give the reader an idea of what Modern Matthew: Good News for Today--College Edition has to offer. 





Matthew 1:1-25            

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ  

     Chapter 1, verses 1-17  

          ACADEMICS: Ancestry/Genealogy          

The Birth of Jesus Christ               

     Chapter 1, verses 18-25

          MEDICAL SCIENCE: Parthenogenesis/Obstetrics               


CHAPTER 2         

MATTHEW 2:1-23            

King Herod & the Astrologers    

     Chapter 2, verses 1-6    

          NATURAL SCIENCES: Astronomy/Astrophysics  

The Astrologers Find Jesus         

     Chapter 2, verses 7-12  

          MEDICAL SCIENCE: Pediatrics/Psychiatry              

Joseph Flees to Africa   

     Chapter 2, verses 13-15

          LIBERAL ARTS: Black History        

King Herod Slaughters Male Infants & Toddlers 

     Chapter 2, verses 16-18

          ACADEMICS: Infanticide              

Joseph Returns to Israel              

      Chapter 2, verses 19-23

CHAPTER 3         

MATTHEW 3:1-17            

John the Baptist Preaches           

     Chapter 3, verses 1-6    

          SCIENCE: Diet & Exercise             

John Criticizes the Pharisees & Sadducees           

     Chapter 3, verses 7-12  

          ACADEMICS: Lithography/SCIENCE: Thermochemical Interaction              

John Baptizes Jesus       

     Chapter 3, verses 13-17


CHAPTER 4         

MATTHEW 4:1-25            

Jesus Tested by the Devil            

     Chapter 4, verses 1-11  

          ACADEMICS: Clinical Trials/Prototype Testing/Extreme Sports   

Jesus Starts His Ministry               

     Chapter 4, verses 12-17

          LIBERAL ARTS: Photography/ACADEMICS: Government

          /LIFE SCIENCES: Photosynthesis               

Jesus Selects First Four Disciples              

     Chapter 4, verses 18-22

          MEDICAL SCIENCE: Hematology               

Jesus Heals the Sick       

     Chapter 4, verses 23-25

          LIBERAL ARTS: Didactic Learning/Evangelism       

           /Holistic Therapy/Psychiatry