Firpo Files 12-20-12
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Deadly Disconnect in Connecticut

Did God need 20 little angels?

The Firpo Files Newsmagazine

(December 20, 2012)

A traumatized nation gasped in disbelief upon receiving news that after murdering his mother, Adam Lanza mercilessly gunned downed 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Visiting New York at the time, I sat crestfallen in my high-rise apartment, situated in upscale Lower Manhattan--just 65 miles south of hell. Whether it was because the 20-year-old killer was on medication with side effects far deadlier than the ailment it was designed to treat; or whether or not he was a big fan of rock music or demonic video games, the question that looms largely is, Did God allow this heart-wrenching tragedy because he needed more child-angels in heaven?   

If we answer yes, it would mean that God used a cold-blooded murderer to do his bidding. But the faithful know that the Lord would never employ "those who kill their fathers, their mothers, or other people" to carry out his divine will. (1 Timothy 1:9, International Standard Version) So did Jehovah exploit the solemn occasion to recruit new angels?  

"Hurricane" Sandy Hook: Astonishingly, on the heels of the natural disaster that was Hurricane Sandy comes now the manmade tragedy striking Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES). I struggle to resist the irrational urge for an aversion to all things "Sandy." Any attempt to process the reason for the carnage is a surreal exercise in futility. Copycat threats, scam artists, and "kid-themed body armor" (including bullet-proof backpacks) have debuted in the wake of the SHES shootings.  

Surviving children, at least two of which are Jehovah's Witnesses, will have struggles of a far more serious nature. Among other practical observations, Dr. Phil suggests that parents of child survivors broach the subject of dead classmates in the comfortable setting of the home--or some other familiar place--speak in a regular voice instead of a hushed tone, and make human contact during the discussion. "Answer the child's questions without volunteering too much information," admonishes Dr. Phil.  

A Preacher-President: NBC News interrupted Sunday Night Football on December 16, 2012, to cover President Barack Obama's speech at the SHES interfaith service. Lester Holt, who requested and subsequently interviewed me during Michael Jackson's trial, introduced the television audience to the President:

"Scripture tells us," said Reverend Obama, "do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away ... inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." (2 Corinthians 4:16-18) Curiously, the very Bible the president quoted documents ghastly incidents of child murder en masse.  

More Horrific Tragedies?: It may be Newtown, but it's an old story. Although six- and seven-year-olds were murdered at SHES, the first recorded tragedy involving infanticide was when Pharaoh ordered the death of all newborn Hebrew boys. (Exodus 1:22) King Herod would give a similar order involving male toddlers two years and under during the time of young Jesus. (Matthew 2:16) Given such horrendous orders by these rulers, two branch-generations of mankind's family tree were effectively lopped off.  

Little Angels?: Instead of a slow-moving parade of white Christmas floats that precious young slaughtered souls will miss this year, it was a lazy line of black hearses carrying their broken bodies that snaked across our television screens. As a memorial, art teacher Eric Mueller, 59, erected 27 handmade wooden angels on a Newtown hillside outside his home, 20 of which represent the corresponding number of children slain by Adam Lanza. Both Almighty God and his Son Christ Jesus reacted with strong emotion to these deaths.--Hebrews 1:1-3.

When Jesus' disciples tried to stop young children from approaching him, he "became furious." (Mark 10:14, ISV) "After he had hugged the children, he tenderly blessed them." (Mark 10:16; Matthew 18:3-6) When a girl 12 died he resurrected her, just as centuries earlier Elijah raised a little boy from the dead. (Luke 8:41, 42, 49-56; 1 Kings 17:17-24) Neither of the children recollected donning wings or heavenly bliss.

That's because God "has set a day," in the near future, for the "resurrection of the dead." (Acts 17:31, 32; 24:15, New World Translation) All our loved ones sleeping in death will rise, at which time we will be "overwhelmed and totally amazed." (Mark 5:42, New Living Translation) Indeed, those 27 souls in Newtown, and slain children and adults everywhere throughout history, will soon reconnect with a fully self-sufficient, loving God--who needs nothing--through an earthly resurrection. O happy day!  

Peace and blessings to all. Amen.