Firpo Files 10-18-2012
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How to Keep Your Pants Up

... and still feel good

The Firpo Files

(October 18, 2012)

No, I'm not starting an advice column. However, I do have a new 320-page self-help book called How to Keep Your Pants Up--And Still Feel Good. ($24.95) It's for men.

The back cover reads: "This book has been written to prevent scandalous women from exploiting you. It's the latest weapon in the arsenal of the counterculture movement against promiscuity, which robs you of your manhood. At the same time, it uniquely combines ancient wisdom with the latest applications of psychoanalysis in connection with sexual self-control."

A man is incomplete without a woman. (Genesis 3:20) Recognize. (Married men live longer than single ones.) Women do. That's why they exploit you.

You think you're a real man because you're sleeping around with a lot of women? You're not sleeping around. You're being passed around. They're all getting a piece of you; the very essence of your diluted manhood.

With each woman you sleep with you compromise your core, and degrade the quality of your psyche. God says to keep your pants up, "that strangers may not satisfy themselves with your power." (Proverbs 5:3-14, New World Translation)

If you don't gird yourself with self-control, in the end it's going to cost you--in more ways than one. Ask Tiger Woods.  

I studied the Bible and closely critiqued the wiles of wicked women. Eve used sex to snare a foolish Adam. We know this because they suddenly became ashamed of their genitals. Why?

Because these had been misused! Whenever a man misuses his genitalia there's a price to pay. And sometimes that price is his life, as was the case of the late NFL quarterback Steve McNair, or the incomparable R&B crooner Sam Cooke. Sadly, these are just a few of a plethora of examples.

Faithful Joseph had to run from his boss's wife, a beautiful Black woman who had the "hots" for him. (Genesis 39:1-12) If he hadn't, she would've overwhelmed him with her feminine charms.

The gorgeous and hypnotically clever Jezebel got all dolled up when God's champion Jehu came to execute judgment. Jehu stayed outside, refusing to talk with the seductress. (2 Kings 9:22, 30-33) He knew a face-to-face confrontation, or even participating in alluring conversation would place him under her spell!

Joseph and Jehu knew how to keep their pants up, and felt good about it afterward! If you don't know how, you can learn. Read my book!

Emotional Affairs: Without warning, sexual chemistry can jump off anytime, anywhere. But that doesn't mean you manipulate and facilitate conjoining catalysts!

 If you're already involved in a situation, one source suggests: "It would thus be wise to limit where and how often you see the other person. Certainly, avoid being isolated with the individual, and if in a work environment, limit the nature of conversation. It may even be necessary to terminate all contact with the person. Thereafter, strict self-control must be applied regarding one's eyes, thoughts, feelings, and behavior." You can do it. Real men everywhere are doing it!

Techno-Adultery: Cyberspace has proved to be a very cozy environment for emotional affairs. Pornography on the Internet is where you ‘enter-naked.'

Infidelity in the traditional male-female marital union has been redefined in the 21st-century because technology has blurred the lines of what constitutes marital unfaithfulness.

And although courts initially grappled with "techno-adultery," clear lines are now emerging in divorce cases. The incidents of "sexless affairs" are on the rise, as well as "email divorces" between the "happily married."

Reporting for USA Today, Sharon Jayson writes: "Cyber-affairs may appear safe and manageable, but people may get more involved than they planned, researchers say.

Peggy Vaughan of San Diego, author of Preventing Affairs concurs. So, as USA Today verifies, the subtle, deceptive, and oftentimes sinister influence sexy cyberspace has on our modern-day society can be disastrous to traditional family values. Intriguingly, this even includes how judges are dealing with it in the courts.

CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin reports that "cyber-affairs" or "on-line affairs" are now grounds for divorce, even though there has been no sexual contact. Divorce attorneys, 79% of them to be exact, as well as the courts say a cyber-affair has occurred when there is evidence of an "intense Internet relationship."

There's so much more to read about!

Click here to order your copy of How to Keep Your Pants Up--And Still Feel Good, Peace and blessings to all, especially to those good women out there, amen.