Firpo Files 10-11-2012
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A Flood of Evidence

Proof of Jesus Series: Article 8

The Firpo Files

(October 11, 2012)

For a long time now skeptics have called the Flood of Noah's day a fanciful myth. Along with certain scientists, these doubters insist that a global flood never enveloped the earth.

And while we have water on our brains, the parting of the Red Sea--an act that God allegedly performed through Moses--is also thought by doubters to be mythical.

Also having to do with water is the story of Jonah and the "whale." Interestingly, Jesus of Nazareth referenced all three Bible accounts. Moreover, there's a flood of evidence arguing for the authenticity of these waterworks!

Jesus Acknowledges Noah: Legends of a Noachian Flood have spanned the globe throughout the stream of time.  Sea shells and marine life fossils have been found in the middle of deserts and on the tops of mountains around the world.

According to The New Encyclopædia Britannica, if the irregularities on the earth's surface were smoothed out, water would cover it to a depth of 1,000 meters!

A real Jesus referenced a real Noah, and a very real Flood.--Matthew 24:36-39.

Jesus Mulls Moses: "New Scientist magazine reported that two physicists at the University of Tokyo applied an extremely strong magnetic field to a horizontal tube partially filled with water.

The water rushed to the ends of the tube, leaving the middle section dry. The phenomenon, discovered in 1994, works because water is weakly diamagnetic, repelled by a magnet.

The established phenomenon of water moving from where a magnetic field is very high to where it is lower has been dubbed The Moses Effect. New Scientist noted: ‘Pushing water around is easy--if you have a big enough magnet. And if you do, then nearly anything is possible.'"

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "miracle" as "an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency."

"What seems to be a violation of a natural law," one work continues, "may easily be explained in the light of the other laws of nature involved." 

Akira Yamada, professor emeritus of Kyoto University in Japan, says in his book, Gods in the Age of Science:

"While it is correct to say that [a miracle] cannot be understood as of now from the standpoint of the science in which one is involved (or from the status quo of science), it is wrong to conclude that it did not happen, simply on the authority of advanced modern physics or advanced modern Bibliology.

"Ten years from now, today's modern science will be a science of the past. The faster science progresses the greater the possibility that scientists of today will become the target of jokes, such as ‘Scientists of ten years ago seriously believed such and such.'"

Suffice it to say that no one knows for sure whether God somehow localized earth's magnetic field to part the Red Sea, or manipulated laws of nature in some other way.

But, scientists have proven "The Moses Effect." A real Jesus referenced--as have modern-day scientists--a real Moses.--Matthew 23:2; Mark 12:26.

Jesus and Jonah: Consider these facts: At 67 feet long and weighing 114 tons, Megalodon ("big tooth") is among the largest, most powerful predators on record. While a great white shark has biting power of 1.8 tons, computer simulations rank Megalodon's at 18.2 tons!

‘The whale shark is the largest of living fish, averaging some 25 feet in length. However, some can reach nearly twice that size. Its mouth can be up to four feet wide, easily capable of swallowing a man. But far from being a ferocious predator of other large sea creatures, this gentle giant feeds on tiny plankton and small fish.'

"'The whale shark's unusual digestive anatomy,' reported National Geographic magazine, ‘lends itself to Jonah stories,' referring to the Biblical incident about the prophet Jonah being swallowed by a great fish. Whale sharks have ‘a nonviolent way of getting rid of large objects of dubious digestibility they swallow accidentally.'--Jonah 1:17; 2:10." Could this "nonviolent" "gentle giant" have swallowed Jonah?

There are large numbers of fossilized shark teeth giving overwhelming evidence that mega-sharks roamed (and still roam!) the Mediterranean route Jonah took.

The Australian Zoological Handbook says the great white shark ‘could easily swallow a man whole,' and The Natural History of Sharks "reports that a 15-foot-long white shark taken in 1939 contained two whole six-foot-long sharks in its stomach--each about the size of a man." A real Jesus referenced a real Jonah.--Matthew 12:40; Luke 11:29-32.

Stay tuned.