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8Welcome to the Photo Gallery

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Ruby Dee, legendary actress and recent Academy Award nominee for her role as Frank Lucas' (Denzel Washington) mother in American Gangster, and Firpo at a pre-Oscar function where she was honored in Beverly Hills, California, February 2008.


Ja'net DuBois of the hit 70's sitcom Good Times, (she won 2 Primetime Emmys and other awards, and was nominated for 1 image award), Firpo, and Hasna Muhammad, daughter of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, in Beverly Hills, California, February 2008.


The late great Dr. Nina Simone, the incomparable "High Priestess of Soul," and Ophelia Carr, Firpo's mother, at LAX in January 1989.


Tony Ellis (Firpo's cousin), Firpo himself, Dr. Nina Simone (lower left), and Ophelia Carr (Firpo's mother on the lower right). Dr. Simone was on her way to New York while Firpo had a stop over in the Big Apple while on his historic trip to the Soviet Union.  Nina and Firpo became very good friends over the years. They often visited together when she was in the country. (January 1989)


Susan L. Taylor of Essence magazine fame and Firpo Carr at special event (and book signing) honoring her in Los Angeles, California, January 2008.


Susan Taylor and Firpo Carr in meaningful conversation.


UPI photographer John Elswick and Firpo Carr in Moscow, January 1989, the first city in the USSR they visited on the  historic trip. 


Firpo Carr making history as he reads from the famed Codex Leningrad B19a, the oldest most complete version of the Hebrew Bible in existence. (January 1989)


Firpo in Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the Baltic States under Soviet domination during his visit. When attempting to speak Russian to these two Lithuanian women, Firpo unintentionally offended them. Although he made it up to them by buying them drinks after this photo was taken, they insisted that he learn some elementary Lithuanian, which he did. (January 1989)


New friends from Libya with Firpo in January 1989, during his stay in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).


Eulia Tomochova, Firpo's interpreter in what was Leningrad at the time (now St. Petersburg). She was instrumental in helping him get into the Library where the famed manuscript was. (January 1989)


Firpo in a celebratory mood after successfully photographing, for the first time ever in color, pages from the Codex Leningrad B19a, the Codex Babylonicus Petropolitanus, and other important documents. (January 1989)